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Wesley Batterton Offers Hunting Tips to Stay Safe From Covid-19

MONTGOMERY, TX, USA, May 28, 2020 / –Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, Wesley Batterton has been concerned about how hunting and fishing could be affected. And as changing regulations and seasons affect hunters around the nation, Wesley Batterton is worried that some may take steps that could harm themselves or others. That’s why he recently spoke out about safe ways to hunt during this crisis that prevent health issues.

Practice Social Distancing

Wesley Batterton has been social distancing since day one of the pandemic, he states, but knows that many people prefer spending time with friends and family members when hunting. So does he, but now is not the time to be too picky. As a result, Wesley Batterton has suggested that people who want to avoid Covid-19 should practice social distancing when out in the woods.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go out with friends, he says. Instead, Wesley Batterton states that you should both wear the best masks that you can find and stay six feet from each other. Put on your hunting gloves, too, to make aiming and shooting more comfortable. And Batterton also suggests sanitizing hands frequently during the hunt to avoid the spread further.

Ignore Opening Day

Opening Day is so huge in many parts of the country, Batterton says, that many schools close down to let students hunt. However, Covid-19 has changed the fun of this day and made the social excitement and interaction dangerous, Wesley Batterton says. So instead of going out on the first day of the season, he suggests staying home instead.

Wesley Batterton understands that such a suggestion may seem almost blasphemous for some hunters. It’s not something that he enjoys, he states, but is an integral part of fighting off this pandemic. Wesley Batterton says that going out on another day – such as the second or third day – decreases your chances of spreading Covid-19 or getting it. It also reduces your chances of the big buck, he says, but the sacrifice is worth it.

Find Private Land

Lastly, Batterton states that it is a great idea to avoid state land, as much as possible, when hunting. State land is free to hunt on in most areas, he says, but will be filled with hunters like you looking to find the most prominent game. As a result, Wesley Batterton says that it is a better idea to take a break from these public lands and seek out private land where you can hunt.
Not everybody has the money to buy private land, he says, but that doesn’t mean that private land is unavailable. Many people will rent out their land to hunters, Wesley Batterton says, and if you rent a piece of property for the whole season, you can hunt here without the fears of Covid-19.

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